Iphone survive 16,000 foot fall and remained fully functional.

Source: TheStar

Hold on to your seatbelts, folks! In a twist that seems straight out of an action movie, an iPhone not only survived a jaw-dropping 16,000-foot fall from an Alaska Airlines flight but also remained fully functional. Move over, superhero gadgets – this smartphone deserves a cape!

So, here’s the scoop: during the mid-air chaos caused by a blown-off fuselage panel on Alaska Airlines Flight 1282, one brave iPhone decided to take a plunge and show us that gravity is just a suggestion. A TikTok user, Seanathan Bates, stumbled upon this technological survivor on a Portland roadside. The phone, a trooper from Apple’s arsenal, was not only intact and unlocked but also flaunting a decent battery life. Imagine that – falling from the sky and still having more energy than most of us on a Monday morning!

According to Bates, the phone was in airplane mode (well, it did just take a wild flight), and despite its adventurous journey, it remained unscathed, sans a broken charger cord. In a TikTok video, Bates exclaimed, “It was still pretty clean, no scratches on it, sitting under a bush, and it didn’t have a screen lock on it.”

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) later confirmed the discovery, stating that one phone was found on the side of a road and another in a yard. Both devices have been handed over to the authorities for examination. NTSB chair Jennifer Homendy added, “It also helps in telling us, ‘Are we looking in the right area?'”

While iPhones aren’t known for their parachuting abilities, this incident raises questions about the laws of physics – and perhaps a new marketing angle for Apple? “Our phones can survive a fall from the sky – can yours?”

The blown-off fuselage panel was later found in the backyard of a Portland-based schoolteacher. Luckily, Flight 1282 managed to make a safe landing back in Portland after the mid-air scare, with no serious injuries reported among the 171 passengers. The FAA temporarily grounded over 170 Max 9 aircraft for safety checks, ensuring that smartphones and planes alike are fit for their next adventures.

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