“Job Fair Is A Scam” – Individual Shares Disappointing Experience at Career Carnival

Source: Tiktok | @rehatsantaistudio

Career carnivals are platforms for graduates or job seekers to find employment opportunities in one place.

In addition to applying for jobs online, career fairs often become the go-to spots for job hunting.

Nowadays, finding a job is not easy, especially with the competition from fresh graduates and experienced individuals.

Recently, a video went viral featuring a podcast where several individuals discussed the ‘scam’ aspect of career carnivals.

Claims of Hidden Agendas in Career Carnivals

In the video posted by @rehatsantaistudio, an individual shared their experience at a career carnival.

According to them, career carnivals are often attended by fresh graduates looking for jobs.

Even though employers offer positions to new graduates, they actually want those with experience.

“If they are looking for fresh graduates, there’s no need to require two to three years of work experience. If they want experienced candidates, just state it clearly,” he said.

Video :

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