Dad Tries Reaching Out To Coldplay For Late Daughter Who Planned To Go To Their KL Concert. 

A special moment happened recently on Fly FM when a dad, Dave John, 48, called in to share a heartfelt message about his late daughter, Jade Mikayla John. 

Source : SAYS

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The radio announcers, Ryan Howlett and Kevin Jay, promised Dave that they would do their best to fulfill his wish. His wish was for Coldplay to give a shoutout to Jade during one of their songs at the concert. Dave expressed his gratitude, saying, “That’s wonderful, I appreciate it, guys. She would be looking down with a great big grin on her face, she’d be beaming from ear to ear.” 

In a conversation with SAYS, Dave shared his experience reaching out to Fly FM and the overwhelming support he received. He mentioned that he didn’t know how to reach the band directly, so he called the radio station for help. 

Dave emphasized that while it would be great for Jade to get a shoutout from the band, what’s even more uplifting is the love and support she’s receiving online. Before her passing, Jade was about to start her studies at a well-known bakery school, and she had dreams of building a life with her future husband, Arvin, by establishing a bakery business in the UK. 

“Jade was super talented and could make almost anything. She was a unique young lady who loved using power tools and was stronger than her size. She admired Coldplay on different levels, loving their music and personalities. She really loved Coldplay,” shared by Dave. 

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