Shock Waves: Dr. Jezamine Files for Divorce from Harith Iskander

Source: The Vocket

Dr. Jezamine’s Unexpected Divorce Filing Stuns Fans

Dr. Jezamine has recently filed for divorce from her husband, Harith Iskander, at the Syariah Subordinate Court of the Federal Territory. This news has taken the local entertainment industry by storm, especially their followers on social media.

A Picture-Perfect Marriage?

The couple was often seen as the epitome of happiness, frequently posting family pictures on social media. Fans never saw any signs of trouble in their seemingly perfect marriage. However, the sudden news of their divorce proceedings at the Syariah court has shattered this image.

Legal Moves and Speculations

Reports indicate that Dr. Jezamine posted a photo with lawyer Datuk Akberdien Abdul Kadir, who has a history of handling celebrity divorce cases. This has further fueled the rumors about her separation from the popular comedian.

Confirmed But Silent

According to mStar Online, Dr. Jezamine confirmed that she filed for divorce about a month ago. When asked for details, she chose not to comment further or reveal the reasons behind their split. Harith Iskander has also remained silent on the matter.

A 14-Year-Old Union

Harith Iskander and Dr. Jezamine were married on June 12, 2010. Over their 14-year marriage, they have three children: Zander Xayne, Alessandra Jane, and Zydane Zane.

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