Survey: 80% of Thai People Want Marijuana Illegal Again

Source: SAYS

Strong Majority Supports Recriminalizing Marijuana

A recent survey shows that 80% of people in Thailand support the government’s decision to make marijuana illegal again. Conducted by the Thai Food and Drug Administration, the survey aimed to gauge public opinion on the psychoactive plant.

Numbers Speak

According to the Business Times, 88,961 out of 111,201 people surveyed back the government’s proposal to classify marijuana as a “category five” narcotic once more. The survey ran from 11 to 25 June this year.

Backtracking on Legalization

This shift comes two years after Thailand decriminalized marijuana on 9 June 2022, allowing people to grow and sell marijuana at home. The move aimed to boost agriculture and tourism, making Thailand the first Southeast Asian country to decriminalize marijuana.

Restrictions Remain

Despite the initial decriminalization, smoking marijuana in public could still result in fines and jail time. The new draft regulation would make recreational use illegal again, regardless of location.

Medical Use Only by 2025

Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin plans to limit marijuana to medical and health purposes only by 1 January 2025. A study by Chulalongkorn University showed marijuana use among young adults increased tenfold. The government is concerned about the social and health impacts, especially with dispensaries popping up everywhere.

Concert Complaints

The pressure to recriminalize grew after complaints about the smell of marijuana at a Coldplay concert in February. The Health Ministry also reported a sixfold increase in medical marijuana expenses since decriminalization.

Protests and Policy Shifts

Hundreds of marijuana advocates and businesses have protested the government’s new stance. However, the government claims most business operators are fine with the proposal. Those against it are primarily recreational users, according to Health Minister Somsak Thepsutin. The government will review public feedback before finalizing the draft with the Narcotics Control Board.


So, it looks like Thailand is flipping the script on marijuana, moving from chill vibes to a stricter stance. Whether you’re for or against it, one thing’s for sure: the debate is far from over!

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