“The Heartfelt Yearning: A Mexican Toddler’s Hilarious Desire to Be Chinese During Lunar New Year”

Source: TikTok | @shirley_baobei

As Chinese New Year festivities continue, people around the world are joining in the celebrations, enjoying family gatherings, fireworks, delicious food, and lively lion dances. However, one adorable Mexican toddler seems to have missed the memo about inclusivity.

Shirley 宝贝, a netizen, shared a heartwarming video by @elrealtorjose on TikTok, featuring the little girl who is in tears because she wants to be Chinese to partake in the Chinese New Year festivities. Little does she know that anyone can join in the celebration, regardless of their ethnicity.

This precious girl attends a trilingual school where lessons are conducted in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. After experiencing the vibrant Chinese New Year celebrations at school, she came home feeling left out, believing that only Chinese people can participate in the festivities.

When her father asked why she was sad, the teary-eyed girl expressed, “I just want to be Chinese.” Her father, confused but amused, asked why, to which she tearfully replied, “Because I do,” insisting she doesn’t want to be Mexican.

In a heartwarming twist, her father suggested she could be Chinese tomorrow, teasingly asking if she could speak Chinese. The girl proudly showcased her Mandarin skills, saying, “I only say ‘xishou,’” clarifying that it means ‘wash your hands.’

We can’t help but hope that someone invites this delightful little girl to a Chinese New Year open house, where she can fully immerse herself in the joyous celebrations!


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