[VIDEO] Rare Sight Of Pilot Whales Spotted In Tioman Leaves Tourists Surprised

Source: SAYS

A group of travellers got a delightful surprise when they spotted a pod of pilot whales during their trip to Tioman.

While on an adventure cruise with Sea Rascals in Pulau Tioman, the crew and travellers were sailing when the unexpected sighting occurred. Captain Zai captured the magical moment on camera as several whales breached the surface.

Pilot whales are friendly and playful mammals known for travelling in large pods that can number from dozens to even hundreds. These intelligent creatures have large brains, which enable them to engage in complex social behaviours.

While sightings of pilot whales are more common in places like Langkawi or near Sarawak, they are not typically seen around Tioman. However, occasional sightings do happen, making this encounter a rare and special treat for those on the trip.

Video :

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