Woman Shares Video of Father Still Picking Her Up with an Umbrella in the Rain, Touching Many Hearts

Source: Instagram | jasminelhr

Usually, daughters tend to be closer to their fathers compared to their mothers since childhood.

Fathers are the ones who always protect their children no matter where they are. Even though they rarely show their affection openly, they are the ones most concerned about the family’s well-being.

Recently, a video went viral showing a woman recording her father coming to pick her up at the bus station during a heavy rainstorm, catching the attention of many.

In the video, the elderly man can be seen braving the heavy rain, carrying an umbrella for his daughter who was waiting at the bus station.

The woman was deeply moved by her father’s sacrifice and love. Despite his old age, he still worries about his daughter’s well-being and doesn’t want her to face any hardship.

“Almost 30 and already a mother, but my father still picks me up with an umbrella at the bus station when it rains. He got soaked. He told me to watch my step because the road was slippery and I’m pregnant,” she said.

Video : Instagram | jasminelhr

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