Zoogoers were shocked to discover that what they thought were panda exhibits turned out to be dogs dyed black and white.

Source: New York post

The controversy unfolded at a zoo in China, specifically the Taizhou Zoo in Jiangsu Province, when viral photos revealed that the “pandas” on display were actually Chow Chow dogs, a breed known for its thick fur, according to Jam Press.

Reportedly, zoo officials altered the appearance of these dogs by trimming their fur and dyeing their faces black to mimic the appearance of China’s beloved panda bears.

Despite the attempt to pass off these dogs as pandas, visitors were not fooled, expressing their disappointment at the zoo’s attempt to deceive them.

In response to the backlash, a zoo representative clarified that the decision to dress up the dogs as pandas was due to the lack of real pandas at the zoo.

While some criticized the zoo for animal cruelty, others defended the decision, arguing that dyeing the dogs’ fur was harmless and similar to how people dye their own hair.

Despite the controversy, some social media users found the “panda dogs” endearing, with one user describing them as cute and another remarking on their agility.

However, amidst the amusement, some questioned the ethics of using dogs in this manner, likening it to an extreme method of pet care.

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