“Malaysian Travel Agent ‘Ghosted’ Japanese Restaurant at Japan, 25 Nasi Lemak Sets Wasted”

Source: Sou Tanaka | Facebook

A Malaysian travel agent recently made headlines in Japan for all the wrong reasons, leaving many netizens angry and tarnishing the image of Malaysian tourists. The incident, shared by Sou Tanaka, an employee of a restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo that serves Malaysian cuisine, has sparked outrage online.

According to Tanaka’s Facebook post, the Malaysian travel agent had made a reservation for lunch for his group of 25 people at the restaurant, Malay Asian Cuisine, on 4 May. The restaurant suggested a set menu and the price was agreed upon.

However, as the reserved time approached (1.30pm), Tanaka tried to contact the travel agent but received no response to messages or calls via WhatsApp and regular phone calls.

Ultimately, the Malaysian travel agent and his group failed to show up, resulting in the restaurant having to dispose of 25 sets of Nasi Lemak that had been prepared for them. Tanaka expressed his disappointment, noting that the incident not only resulted in food wastage but also forced the restaurant to turn down other customers during the reserved time slot.

Unlike previous customers who canceled their reservations but had the courtesy to inform the restaurant, the Malaysian travel agent did not provide any explanation or apology.

Tanaka concluded his post by revealing the name and company of the travel agent to prevent others from experiencing the same situation. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsibility and consideration when making reservations.


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