The “One By One” Brawl – Convenience Store Clash Ends in Peace and Viral Fame

Source: SAYS

A fight between a convenience store owner and a drunk customer in Penang has gone viral, but it ended on a positive note.

On June 3, a customer entered a store in Seberang Jaya to buy liquor. A misunderstanding led to a physical fight, which was caught on video and spread online.

Police arrested both men for causing hurt and behaving in a threatening manner. They were held for two days and released on June 8.

The store owner, Mr. Wu, became famous for winning the fight. Wu, a former Penang champion in Taekwondo, knocked the customer to the ground. The customer later admitted he was drunk and apologized, claiming he has a black belt in karate and could have won if he was sober.

A photo now shows the two men shaking hands and smiling with police, indicating they’ve made peace. They both withdrew their police reports, and the case was closed with no further action.

Mr. Wu shared that he was called to the police station on June 10, where both men agreed to reconcile. Wu was pleased with the resolution and hoped things would calm down soon.

Interestingly, Wu’s six cats have also become famous after the brawl, attracting many visitors wanting to take photos with them.

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