M’sian Burger Seller Spreads Good Vibes by Treating Family of 11 to Free Burgers, Says It’s All About Helping Others, No Matter the Race

Source: TikTok | @asibburgerbachang

In the heart of Malacca, since 2007, Asip, the proud owner of Asip Burger Bachang, has been grilling up delicious burgers for the locals. Beyond just flipping patties, Asip is flipping the script on kindness.

In a delightful TikTok video that’s now going viral, Asip sheds light on how a simple act of generosity can bring joy and change lives.

Asip shared that he has a keen eye for the folks around him, not just his regular customers. In the video, he strikes up a friendly chat with Raja, a passerby with his two little sisters. Although Raja and his siblings hadn’t been customers before, Asip knew a bit about their situation.

“I know every face that comes to my stall. But it’s not just about customers; I pay attention to everything around me. I observe people passing by my stall, and Raja happens to be one of them.”

In the video, Asip asks Raja if they’ve had their meal, to which Raja replies in the negative. Without hesitation, Asip warmly offers to whip up some burgers for them.

“I find joy in helping people. I genuinely believe that the more I give, the more I receive in return. It’s not just about those in need; I also make sure to offer free burgers to pregnant mothers.”

Even though Raja initially asked for just 5 burgers in the video, Asip later revealed that Raja actually has an enormous family of 11 siblings. Asip, in his generous spirit, prepared the extra 6 burgers to ensure the whole family could savor the delicious treat.

In a world where simple acts of kindness often go unnoticed, Asip’s heartwarming gesture reminds us that lending a helping hand can bring smiles, no matter the size of the family or the number of burgers involved.

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Macam nie lah kita hidup berbilang kaum.. Haloo Rajaaa🫰🏼 #fypシ #burger #asipburgerbachang

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