A woman with intravenous (IV) drips was spotted casually strolling around Taman Connaught Pasar Malam, proving that her love for food knows no bounds! 

Source : NewsWav

It’s a well-known fact that Malaysians have a strong love for their local food. Even when traveling abroad, many of us actively seek out Malaysian restaurants to compare the taste with what we have back home. With that said, how far would you go to savor your favorite Malaysian dishes? 

 Taman Connaught Night Market Facebook page recently shared pictures of a woman wandering around their night market while carrying an IV drip still connected to her friend! They captioned the post, “Pretty girl, even with an IV drip, she came to Taman Connaught Night Market. Everyone give her a big thumbs up!” 

In the photos, the girl, attached to one end of the IV drip, can be seen exploring the night market and stopping at a dessert truck. Her friend assists by holding up the IV bag filled with yellow liquids above her head. That friend must indeed have impressive upper arm strength to support the IV bag like that. 

While we admire the girl’s determination to go out, even in a less-than-ideal health condition, to enjoy fresh air and food, it’s essential to consider her well-being. Ultimately, health should always be the top priority. 

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